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About Plex Projects

Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to create an innovative partnership to achieve a common goal by utilizing integrated project delivery. Aligned interests ensure that all team members are striving towards performance excellence, resulting in a rewarding experience for the participants.


To create net-zero hubs that facilitate regional and global decarbonization


Alignment of Interests – our success is tied to the success of the project, the team, and the client.

Candor – we stand by our work and our word; we do not sell hours; we provide effective solutions.

Culture – we create a team environment full of great people who are empowered to be safe, innovative, ask questions, and are not afraid to fail.

Plex Projects was founded in 2016 with the original goal of providing full EPC and project management services for the responsible abandonment and decommissioning of major oil and gas infrastructure. It was through this work that Plex was able to identify opportunities through which this existing infrastructure could be repurposed and aid the transition to a low carbon future. Plex had identified several opportunities throughout North America where net zero hubs could be created to decarbonize existing business operations and
communities by deploying proven integrated technologies and solutions.

The Plex management team has a strong history of the development, construction, and operation of large-scale infrastructure projects in excess of $1 billion and thus focused on transitioning to a vertically integrated company that underwrites, develops, and manages all aspects of its projects. This allows for the development process to be significantly streamlined and for our team to maintain tight control over the quality of our projects, leading to increased efficiency, profitability, and long-term success.

Why choose Plex Projects?

We invest the time and resources into planning your project first. Having a precise plan in place first and foremost reduces disruptions, environmental risk and unforeseen expenses. It provides a clear road map, involving all team members, so the project can reach the end goal, on schedule and on budget. In our experience, lack of detailed planning can cause costly and time-consuming set backs.

The team at Plex Projects has extensive experience specifically in pipeline decommissioning, pipeline abandonment, pipeline re-purposing, pipeline deactivation and reactivation. Working with major Canadian energy companies, we have developed a more cost-effective, efficient and environmentally conscious way to plan and execute these projects. A better way.

Plex Projects is committed to careful planning that includes comprehensive assessments of risk mechanisms specific to each pipeline change of service project. We consider all aspects of hazard mitigation including any foreseen risks to the environment, public, personnel and adjacent infrastructure. Safety and environmental stewardship are top priorities.

Our Team

Landon Lonsberry


David Milia, C.E.T, MBA

Chief Strategic Officer