Successful planning & execution of pipeline projects

Our delivery model involves detailed planning, effective collaboration
with team members, and consistent communication to meet or exceed
project cost and schedule targets.

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A better way to manage pipeline projects.

Plex Projects provides a full suite of pipeline project management, engineering, and construction services to help you navigate through the complexity of project planning and execution. Our vison for Plex was borne out of our frustrations while managing major pipeline projects for Canada’s largest pipeline company. We realized that using the traditional approach to delivering pipeline projects created a disconnect between engineering design and construction that consistently led to project cost overruns, missed schedule targets, damaged relationships, and failure to comply with regulatory requirements. We believed that this could all be avoided with the right project planning, management, and execution procedures.

Plex Projects uses the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) model to streamline all aspects of your project planning and execution. The results? Projects that run safely, protecting people, assets, and the environment. Projects completed in compliance with regulations, run on time, schedule, and budget. Collaborate with us, and together we will succeed with a better way of managing pipeline projects.

Integrated Project Delivery

Plex Projects values the creation of a single, collaborative project team whose interests are fundamentally aligned with the success of the project. This focus allows us to deliver our world-class expertise in the detailed planning and execution of pipeline projects. To do this, we use the Integrated Project Delivery model (IPD). IPD uses a team-based approach in every phase of the pipeline project. Instead of each party focussing exclusively on their scope, IPD brings every team member together in the beginning. That allows for collaboration in all phases of the project. It starts with streamlined planning, decision making, and a plan for execution where all interests are aligned to meet the objectives of the project. This better way of managing pipeline projects can reduce or eliminate change orders, schedule delays, poor construction quality, cost uncertainty, and broken relationships.

Why Plex Projects?

Plex Projects offers a team of experienced professional engineers and project managers. We have extensive experience in planning and managing complicated pipeline projects and understand the entirety of such projects from a pipeline owner’s perspective. While working with one of the biggest pipeline companies in Canada, we became frustrated over the disconnect between the planning and execution stages of pipeline projects. The traditional way of doing things was not working. As such, we’ve adopted a unique delivery model that ensures pipeline projects can be completed without change orders, schedule delays, poor construction quality, cost uncertainty, and damaged relationships.