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Pipeline change of service planning.

Plex Projects specializes in pipeline change of service projects including pipeline decommissioning, pipeline abandonment, pipeline deactivation, pipeline reactivation and pipeline repurposing. We believe that precise planning leads to effective execution. Our teams have unique experience in all aspects of pipeline change of service planning and project execution. With that extra focus on creating a detailed roadmap for each project, Canadian pipeline companies can be sure their schedule and budget targets are met without compromising quality or safety standards.

The better way to manage projects.

Plex Projects believes in collaboration. We facilitate the creation of a team consisting of the key players that will be involved in the project including the owner of the project, the engineering consultants planning the work and the contractors performing the work in the field. Our method follows the Integrated Project Delivery model ensuring the entire team is working in the same direction throughout the entire lifecycle of the pipeline change of service activity. Interests of each team member are aligned with the goals of the project, ensuring teamwork from planning through implementation. Any roadblocks are dealt with effectively by the entire team, reducing or eliminating costly change orders or shut downs. The result? Staying on budget and on schedule while ensuring the highest level of quality, personnel safety and environmental stewardship.

Our unique expertise.

The management team at Plex Projects has extensive experience developed our methodology from the owners perspective, while employed by one of Canada’s largest pipeline companies. Pipeline decommissioning, pipeline abandonment and other pipeline change of service projects do not generate income for the owner and require complex planning that strikes a balance between cost-effectiveness, environmental impact and public safety. Our team has found that perfect balance. Each pipeline has unique characteristics and requires its own, precise and unique plan. Without investing the time and resources to the planning stage, the execution phase can face significant challenges that will compromise schedule milestones, budget restrictions, quality, environmental stewardship, and personnel hazard mitigation. We know this from experience, and so, have developed a planning process that will ensure smooth execution without inconvenient, costly or even potentially unsafe roadblocks along the way.

Our Team

The team at Plex Projects has extensive experience specifically in pipeline decommissioning, pipeline abandonment, pipeline deactivation, pipeline reactivation and pipeline re-purposing. Developed while employed by a major pipeline owner and expanded by working with major companies in the oil and gas sector, we have established a more cost-effective, efficient and environmentally conscious way to execute these projects. A better way.

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