Landon Lonsberry

- Landon Lonsberry

Landon Lonsberry


Landon Lonsberry is experienced as a Project Engineer and Project Manager on some of Canada’s largest pipeline abandonment and decommissioning projects. He has developed exceptional problem-solving abilities and developed standards for a new corporate venture. Landon became a subject matter expert on decommissioning and abandonment during his work on the Line 3 and 10 decommissioning projects.

He has authored decommissioning standards, developing and executing pipeline cleaning runs, developing and navigating regulatory applications and hearings, and estimating future decommissioning and abandonment projects.

He has presented at Pipeline Conferences, presenting challenges associated with pipeline abandonment and applicable experience with developing mitigating plans. He carries his expertise in the industry to committees looking to establish guidelines to safely decommission and abandon aging pipeline infrastructure.

Landon brings a wealth of knowledge about the pipeline regulatory and design processes to his projects and clients, ensuring deliverables exceed schedule, budget and expectations.