Service Areas

Pipeline project management, planning, and execution.

Plex Projects values long-term business relationships, and we know that this comes from exceptional service, creative solutions, open communication, and maintaining an unwavering focus on project objectives. We offer a full suite of pipeline project management services, and the proven Integrated Project Development model will deliver efficiently and effectively while meeting budgets, schedules, and maintaining relationships with all those involved in the project.

Our highly experienced team understands and meets all the code requirements for pipeline planning and operations – safely, reliably, and cost-efficiently. Some of our pipeline project areas include:

Pipeline Change of Service

Plex Projects is the expert in pipeline change of service planning and execution, inclusive of pipeline decommissioning, pipeline abandonment, pipeline deactivation, pipeline reactivation, and pipeline repurposing. Any change of service project requires detailed, rigorous planning to ensure effective execution. That is what we do best.

We understand that all pipeline change of service projects present unique conditions. These can include physical characteristics, location, operation history, public perception, environmental factors, and future land use. We consider all conditions for the project when creating a pipeline change of service plan, and all planning meets regulatory requirements.

Project Profiles

Enbridge CCR Pipeline Abandonment Plan

Enbridge Line 21 Decommissioning Plan

Judah Hill Abandonment Plan

Pipeline Integrity & Maintenance

Plex Projects offers a full suite of pipeline integrity and maintenance services to help you navigate through the complex regulatory landscape. We manage all aspects of evaluating and maintaining pipeline integrity, to better manage potential risks to people, assets, and the environment. Proper pipeline integrity management can extend asset service life, ensure safety, avoid costly downtown, and comply with regulations.

Effective integrity management plans are verified as we work alongside federal and provincial/state governments, as well as local emergency responders. Working with these parties ensures that pipeline testing, preventative maintenance, and other necessary measures are acceptable for the conditions along the route segment.

New Pipeline Design

Plex Projects provides pipeline project design services, including planning, obtaining permits, and meeting code compliant, through pipeline construction, pipeline commissioning, and project completion. Because we use the Integrated Project Delivery model, we will be collaborating at the earliest stages of the pipeline construction project with key team members, including the pipeline owner, pipeline contractor, and steering committee.

Early collaboration is essential to bring a pipeline design through construction efficiently and effectively. IPD allows us to create a pipeline design that best meets the objectives of all parties. Rigorous, detailed planning can reduce or eliminate change orders, schedule delays, poor construction quality, and cost uncertainty.

Emerging Technologies

Abandoned or under-utilized pipelines are typically considered a liability.  However, for emerging technologies, these pipelines can be assets. Geothermal, solar, lithium extraction, hydrogen transportation are examples of emerging industries that have potential uses for pipelines. Plex Projects uses our risk-based approach to provide engineering assessments for the use of abandoned pipelines in new and novel ways.

An integrated team evaluating and executing projects for emerging technologies ensures that the critical needs of the client are in alignment with the project goals. Execution can run smoothly, with no surprises, eliminating a negative impact on the viability of the new venture.