Alberta’s Site Rehabilitation Program

- Oil and Gas Reclamation - Alberta’s Site Rehabilitation Program

Qualifying oil and gas service companies can apply for provincial grant funding for pipeline, oil, and gas site abandonment and reclamation work in Alberta. Up to $1 billion in funding is available for projects that meet criteria. This funding is available through the federal government’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan.

Goals of the Site Rehabilitation Program

The goal of this new program is to get Alberta’s oil and gas labour force back to work and to quickly complete work in the province that is beneficial to the environment. Accelerating pipeline, oil, and gas abandonment and reclamation efforts is good for the environment, good for the economy, and will provide jobs for Albertans at a high volume.

Contractors who are approved for funding will receive:

  • 10% of the grant funding when the application is approved.
  • Up to another 60% of the grant funding after submitting interim invoicing and reports. If the licensee’s municipal taxes are paid in full on the proposed site, an additional 20% of the funding will be applied to the first instalment.
  • The remainder of the grant funding will be received once all work is finished.

For more details on the program, and how to apply, visit: